What is the Right Size of Cage to Use for Your Birds?

If you are planning on keeping pet birds in your home, it is essential to care for them and keep them as comfortable as possible. This includes providing regular clean food and water and a bird cage big enough for them to feel comfortable in.

There are many different species of birds that make for great pets; these include:

·         Cockatoo

·         Canary

·         Cockatiel

·         Finch

Which Is the Best Kind of Cage for Birds

An average bird has a life span of up to 10 years. It is important to invest in a good quality cage to ensure that your bird spends its years comfortably. Here are some of the features to consider before choosing the right cage for your bird:

Material Quality and Craftsmanship

The best kind of cage is made out of stainless steel. It is important to ensure that they are welded correctly and that there are chips or breaks in the metal. Birds sometimes move around the cage using their beaks to hold on to the bars of the cage, and if there are chipped metal or sharp edges, they can injure your bird or cause harm to it.

The idea is to protect the bird from harm, so its home must be sturdy and keep it out of harm’s way. You may decorate your bird’s cage by adding colourful toys or a swing for the bird to swing on.

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Easy To Clean

Bird cages need to be cleaned and maintained regularly. Dirty cages have the potential to make birds sick and also stink up the entire place. It is best to make a weekly routine and practice cleaning out the cage. Doing this will ensure that too much dirt does not accumulate and it doesn’t take too much time to clean it out.

The bars must be scrubbed and cleaned thoroughly. The base at the bottom of the cage can be pulled out. It must be washed and scrubbed with a brush and a cage cleaner. Once it’s dried, you should place a cage liner before placing it back in the cage.

The Shape

Round-shaped cages are not recommended for birds anymore as they are dangerous due to their shape. The bars converge at the top risking serious accidents for birds. According to psychologists, it can be damaging to a parrot’s mental health as they may keep going around in circles.

It is also not recommended for companion birds as they may not get enough room. The flapping of wings and decreased space can cause them to shed the other’s feathers.

Most round cages present in the market are poorly constructed and can cause harm to the birds. It is preferred to go with rectangular or square-shaped cages as opposed to round and cylindrical ones.

The Size

Again, this depends on the size of your bird and the number of birds you have. It is always best to get the largest cage you can get to allow the maximum room for your bird. The larger the cage, the happier the bird will be. Keeping a bird in a cage that is too small can cause anxiety and stress in your bird, which displays undesirable behaviours such as screeching, biting, and feather plucking.

You must allow enough space for the bird to walk around and flap its wings or even fly from one to the other. Also, account for the amount of space bird perches, swings, bird seed trays, and toys take.

The Spacing between Bars

Depending on the size of your bird, the spacing between bars must be carefully selected. Some birds happen to be quite clever and can squeeze their way out of their cages or even get stuck during the attempt.

Where Should You Place The Cage?

Providing the right environment to your bird is important and can affect its general health and wellness. Their cage should be placed in an ideal location. It should not be placed in front of a window as that might be too over-stimulating for the bird. Too many unnecessary noises and sounds or dogs barking may scare your bird easily.

Placing your bird cage next to a wall helps them feel secure. Or in between two walls is great too. Placing the cage in the centre of the room can also stress the bird out and frighten it

It’s best to keep the cage at eye level or below. It should not be too low and not too high, as birds get uncomfortable if placed at an incorrect height.

Try not to keep your bird cage in an empty or secluded room. It should ideally be placed in the living room or wherever the bird has a chance to observe and interact with its human owners. Birds like getting attention from their owners.

They should not be placed directly under the sunlight, near a heat source such as a fireplace, in drafty locations, or in front of the air conditioning. Extreme temperatures can be harmful to birds. Bathrooms can get too humid, and kitchens can get too hot. These two rooms should be avoided.

The Bottom Line

Birds make lovely pets; some may sing like canaries, some make snarky comments like cockatoos, while some, like Parakeets, look beautiful sitting on their perches. Birds, like all pets, demand lots of care and attention and must be well looked after.

The most important equipment for a bird is to get the right cage for birds especially ensuring that it is the right size. When looking for the best cage for your bird, contact goYo Pets and consult with our representative. They will help guide you in choosing the right cage for your bird.



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