Can Dogs Eat Peppermint? Is Peppermint Safe For Dogs?

Can Dogs Eat Peppermint? Is Peppermint Safe For Dogs?

Can Dogs Eat Peppermint? Peppermint is a popular ingredient, which is commonly used in Candy and some holiday desserts. Every dog owner is a bit confused with similar types of questions like Can Dogs have Peppermint? Is Peppermint Safe For Dogs? There are some dangers in which quantity is also the major factor. In this article, you will learn important information.

That clears most of the queries and that you must know before sharing Peppermint with your dog. It can be critical for your dog’s safety and health. Lots of human food can create problems for dogs. Even they can eat soy but keep them away from soy sauce. For your pet safety in every perspective. I recommend you to read out the whole article to clear all kinds of queries.

Can Dogs Eat Peppermint? Is Peppermint Safe For Dogs?

Can Dogs Eat Peppermint? Is Peppermint Safe For Dogs?

Facts About Peppermint.

  • Here are some Fun Facts of Peppermint for your better understanding:
  • In 1696 two guys M. Aquatica and M. spicata, who lived in England, found the first Peppermint in a field of spearmint. At the same time, it does not breed from seed.
  • In specific countries, February 19th is National Chocolate Mint Day.
  • When we talk about the growth of Peppermint, you will be surprised to know that, The US supplies and produces 70% of the world’s Peppermint.
  • The Whole size of Peppermint plants is 24 inches wide and round, about 18 – 36 inches tall.
  • While Peppermint oil is produced by specialized cells. When flowering is just beginning, it is the best time to harvest and collect the oil.
  • It is no 1 selling flavor of non-chocolate.
  • Mostly Peppermint used in Eastern and Western medicine. as an aromatic, cancers, antispasmodic, and in many more diseases commercially and medicinally.
  • Peppermint oil is the most widely used volatile oil.

Can Dogs Eat Peppermint?

Peppermint is practically used in many forms like in Candy, cones, mints, etc.
But when we want to feed Peppermint to our pet dog. Suddenly thinks about some questions like Can I feed Peppermint to my dog?

So the simplest answer to this question is,


Dogs can eat Peppermint, and it is beneficial in many ways for your pet dog. It can help dogs to fight against aid digestion and ease stomach issues. But you have to be careful in this matter. Because the excessive amount of Peppermint can be dangerous for your dog as well.

Especially in the case of peppermint candy. Because it contains some ingredients which can impact your dog. Most commonly, you have to face the reaction, usually in the form of vomiting and diarrhea. The additional danger in plastic wrappers. Many candies wrapped into the plastic wrapper, which can get stuck in the digestive tract. That can cause a blockage, which is life-threatening for your dog.

It is not something that you have to worry about from a toxicity point of view, but these are some things to avoid.

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Is Peppermint Bad For Dogs?

Peppermint is not toxic for your pet dog, but in some cases, you have to be careful; it may give your dog an upset stomach. I will suggest you avoid some particular candies which contain pennyroyal oil or Xylitol.

Because Xylitol is an artificial sweetener that is highly toxic to dogs. It leads to so many issues like even death and liver failure. On the other hand, when we talk about Pennyroyal, Pennyroyal oil comes from mint plants. Which is mostly used in sprays and flea powders, and it can also be poison for your dog. So you have to avoid these two-ingredient containing products.

Is Peppermint Good/Safe For Dogs?

Yes, Peppermint is safe for pet dogs. Except for two ingredients, Xylitol, and pennyroyal, as talked about in the above section. However, all of the dogs do not react in the same manner. Some dogs can get upset stomachs, which can cause different stomach issues. Because mostly Dogs have very sensitive stomachs by nature. They faced digestion problems.

So if you want to feed Peppermint to your dog, start very slowly and look after it for any discomfort. But as we mentioned, Xylitol and pennyroyal are unsafe for dogs. Which is mostly found in peppermint candies and humans foods especially. This sweetener is toxic for dogs. And Xylitol could lead to death. You have to be careful about these ingredients in your food before sharing them with your dog.

Can Dogs Eat Peppermint Candy?

No, never offer peppermint candy to your dog. It contains two ingredients, Xylitol, and pennyroyal, that can lead you towards death. Never offer peppermint candy canes or any kind of peppermint candy to your dogs. Because they only for human consumption. To protect your pet dog, never offer any candy from peppermint candy canes or any peppermint candy.

Are Peppermint Candy Canes Bad for Dogs?

Yes, peppermint candy canes are bad for your pet dog. It would be best if you did not feed Peppermint candy canes which are extremely deadly for your dogs. This is why feeding dog peppermint candy canes are still a very bad idea to give your dog. These products do not contain Peppermint as the main ingredient. Xylitol, found in candy canes. Which is an artificial sweetener that is poisonous to dogs.

Are There Peppermint Have Health Benefits For Dogs?

There is lots of confusing news on the internet and social media that peppermint benefits dog the way it does for humans. And Probably all of us heard the news that Peppermint can help with upset stomachs in humans. But in reality, the news is not true from the dog’s perspective.

According to authentic sources, Peppermint contains nutrients and vitamins such as iron and vitamin A.

But there is another source claiming there aren’t any authentic studies that prove a link between Peppermint and health benefits in dogs.

Most authentic sources will suggest you contact and talk to your veterinarian before giving your dog peppermint.

Using these products can help in skin irritation and repel fleas, one thing all the sources can agree on.

Is Fresh Peppermint Safe For Dogs?

There is nothing to worry about if your curious dog gets into your mint plant. Before going further, I want to ask you a question.

Do you ever enjoy using fresh Peppermint in your baking or tea? Fresh mint is a popular ingredient. And there are different types of its. And These are also some of the kinds which are non-toxic to dogs:

But some of them are toxic for both humans and dogs as well, like Wild Mint Spearmint Peppermint. It has two names; some called English pennyroyal, and some are called European pennyroyal.

If Dog Ate A Peppermint Candy Cane, So What Should I Do?

If your dog ate peppermint candy canes, First of all, you don’t need to panic at that particular time. And then second, you have to verify its ingredients which used in a candy cane. It contains only high fructose corn syrup or granulated sugar so just watch out for an upset stomach. So Don’t need to worry this time, your dog should be ok soon. But if your dog ate sugar-free candy canes with an ingredient of Xylitol. So call your veterinarian as soon as possible for your pet’s safety. Follow your veterinarian’s instructions and monitor your pet.

Is Peppermint Oil Safe For Dogs?

The most important question we herded usually is that, Is Peppermint oil safe for dogs or not?

But it totally depends on how much the dog ingests, but little amour of peppermint oil will not affect the dog. but eating a massive amount of it could lead to several issues like






The advantage of peppermint oil is your dog’s skin. But you have to be careful about this matter if your dog is allergic, so don’t dulited it with coconut oil because dogs have sensitive noses.

If Dog Ate Peppermint Oil –So What Should I Do?

You would know that this oil is very strong. and If your dog ate peppermint oil

And you notice your dog acting abnormal, contact your vet as soon as possible and discuss this matter otherwise,

look after your dog closely, and you will observe the most common side effect. Which will be throat and mouth irritation, and you will see upset stomach will cause vomiting and diarrhea.

Final Words.

In some specific conditions, Peppermint is safe, while in many cases Peppermint candies are not safe for dogs, and you should avoid giving them to your pet.

You can feed them homemade biscuits that are good for dogs. You can also contact a veterinarian for homemade treats.

And If your dog eats candy cane or other Peppermint, look closely for signs of an upset stomach. If a dog eats any dangerous ingredient, then go for medical treatment immediately for your dog.

We hope you get your answer about, Can dogs eat Peppermint? After this article, if there’s any other query left, contact your vet.
Please give us your feedback in the comments and share it with your friends if you find our article helpful.

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