Can Dogs Eat Plums? Are Plums Poisonous To Dogs?

Can Dogs Eat Plums? Are Plums Poisonous To Dogs?

Can dogs eat plums? Are plums poisonous to dogs? Hey friends, how are you all? Today we talk about Can dogs have plums? Plums are very delicious and healthy fruits for humans. Dogs love to eat new things. Especially when they see their owners eating something that seems interesting. So it’s your job and responsibility to find out which food is safe for your pet dog. Not every human food is good for your pets, So what about plums? Are plums safe for dogs? In this article, you will get your answers to these questions. So without wasting time, let’s find out.

Can Dogs Eat Plums? Are Plums Poisonous To Dogs?

Can Dogs Eat Plums? Are Plums Poisonous To Dogs?

Facts About Plums.

  • Plum is the second most cultivated fruit all around the world.
  • The fruit is grown all around the world except Antarctica.
  • Plums are available in various colors such as purple, reddish-purple, red, green, yellow, or white.
  • Plums grow on trees that can reach up to 33 feet tall.
  • Nobody knows how many species of plums exist; some people say it has 19 species. On the other hand, some people say it has more than 40 species.
  • The most popular and standard varieties of plums are Victoria plums, Satsuma plums, Damson, Greengage, Yellowgage, and Mirabelle plum.
  • France produces Mirabelle plums.
  • Hungry produces Damson plums.
  • You can eat all the fruit except the pit.
  • Plums are related to apples, cherries, raspberries, pears, apricots, peaches, almonds, and strawberries.
  • plums are full of nutritions and vitamins such as Calories, Carbs, Fiber, Sugars, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, and Potassium:

Can Dogs Safely Eat Plums?

So if you are here to know, are plums ok for dogs? Then the answer to this question is yes. Dogs can eat plums in moderation. This delicious fruit is full of natural sugar. So you have to be careful when you offer plums to your dogs.

One more thing removes the pit of plum before serving your dog. The plums pit is toxic to dogs because it contains a chemical named cyanide. Cyanide is very dangerous for dogs. In the worst-case scenario, it can cause your pet’s death.

So it’s your responsibility to watch out so that your pet doesn’t crush the pit with its teeth or swallow the pit.

The pit of plum is also very sharp in shape. Its sharp shape can cause severe damage to your dog’s intestines and esophagus if he or she swallows the pit.

Your dog can eat the flesh of the plums safely. But don’t feed too much, one or two slices once in a while, because of the natural sugar amount.

I suggest you, during the summer season, must offer your dog this delicious fruit. Plums are mostly made up of water which makes this fruit a good treat in summer. Plums also contain a lot of vitamin C, which is really good for your pups.

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Are Plums Good For Dogs?

Yes, the flesh of the plums is good for dogs, especially in the summer season. But the pit is really dangerous and toxic for dogs.
Like I mentioned above, it contains too much natural sugar, which can cause weight gaining issues in dogs.
So it is best to offer this fruit in small portions to your pet. Plums contain many vitamins and minerals. Such as copper, potassium, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, and Dietary fiber.

These vitamins and minerals are perfect for dogs’ health. But remember, moderation is the key because the excess of anything is bad, even for dogs.

Plums Benefits For Dogs.

  • Plum contains copper, which is good for skin and bone health.
  • Plums are rich in potassium.
  • Potassium improves the nervous system and regulates the enzymes.
  • Potassium also helps to develop your pet muscles.
  • Vitamin C helps to improve the immune system and also helps to fight germs.
  • Plums also contain Dietary fiber, which improves bowel movement.

Are Plums Bad For Dogs?

Yes, it can be bad for your pet dogs. The worst-case scenario is that if your pet eats or swallows the pit of a plum. In this case, there is a possibility that your pet dies. Because, as I mentioned above, plums pit contains cyanide.

Cyanide poisoning can untimely kill your dog. So if you see your dog is eating plums or its pit, then you must hurry. Your fast actions can save your pet’s life. Take your pet dog to a veterinarian as soon as possible. The veterinarian will tell you what to do and how to treat your pet in a better way.

The pit can cause some severe damage to the intestinal, or it can also block the intestinal. All the conditions are very dangerous for your dogs.

Are Plums Poisonous To Dogs?

As I mentioned, plums’ flesh is not toxic to dogs. The plum plant and pit are really dangerous for dogs. A plums pit contains a compound named cyanide which is dangerous for dogs. If you see any plant of plum near your home, then you must watch out.
Because if your dog eats the whole plum with pit, it can cause many health problems. The pit can cause a choking hazard, and also it can damage the esophagus, intestines, and stomach. When you are feeding plums to your pet, you have to take precautions. Therefore never let your pet have access to this fruit.

What To Do If My Dog Eats A Plum?

The obvious meaning of this question is eating the whole plum with pit and plant. If you see or know that your pet eats the whole plum, then don’t panic and take your pet to a vet as soon as possible.

A vet only handles this issue. Don’t do anything on your own because it can cause your pet’s death if anything goes wrong. So the best option is to let your vet handle this situation.

The cyanide poisoning and choking hazard signs and worst-case scenarios are mentioned below. If you see any signs, then you must hurry and take your pet to the vet as soon as possible.

Cyanide Poisoning Signs And Worst-case Scenarios.

Muscle seizures or tremors
Difficulty during walking and standing
in the worst-case scenario Death

Choking Hazard Signs.

Pale gums
Dog refuses to eat
Vomiting after eating and drinking any food
Pain in the abdominal area

Final Words.

Plum is a beneficial and delicious treat for dogs. It contains Vitamin C, Fiber, and antioxidants which makes this fruit a perfect occasional treat for your dog. However, you have to be careful about its dangerous part pit. Because the pit is dangerous and toxic for dogs.
So if you want to feed plums to your dog, then make sure to remove the pit. Plums are suitable for your pet dogs as long as you’re controlling which parts your dogs can eat safely.

So, friends, we hope our article Can dogs eat plums? And Are plums poisonous to dogs? It helps you to understand the relationship between plums and dogs. Please give us your feedback in the comments.

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